Nathan Jacobson

Writer. Director. Storyteller.

“Nathan Jacobson is a talented young filmmaker with features in his future.”  
~ Alex Kendrick (War Room, Fireproof)

“Nathan Jacobson is a director with a keen eye, a strong vision, and a knack for motivating his teams to that vision.”
~ Rusty Martin, Actor (Courageous, Wanted)


Director, Editor

Writer, Director, Editor

Writer, Director, Editor

Writer, Director, Editor

Writer, Director, Editor

Writer, Director, Editor

“Nato has an incredible ability to visualize an edit. He knows what’s needed to tell a story, and how to put it together in a way that captures the heart of the project.  I’ve had the opportunity to work with him on several shoots now, and can’t wait to do it again!”

~ Seth Rice, Producer (Wanted, Train, War Paint)

“Nathan Jacobson is a wonderful director and editor.  He really has an eye for cinematography and fits the pieces together very artistically.  He never lets small details go unnoticed.  I’m very impressed by his skill set, and would highly recommend his services to anyone looking for a high quality, professional product.  In addition to his skill, he is an incredible person.  It was a joy working with him, and getting to know him.  He’s a really great guy.”

~ Adolph Goetz, Lead Singer (Undivided)


Ever since pursuing the arts in 2013, Nathan “Nato” Jacobson has been in the business of two things: Relationships and Learning. He is dedicated to the people around him, to team building, to personal growth, and to just making himself useful. In less than 4 years, he had already amassed almost 5,000 hours of work experience in this endeavor. He is a writer, director, and actor, and has also spent substantial time in film editing and as production crew. He has worked on over 50 film projects, has performed a myriad of voiceover roles, and has been a consultant to various fellow creatives. His most significant undertakings thus far have been the two short films which he wrote and directed, “Wanted” (2015) and “Last Call” (2018). He is a voracious reader and the student of numerous mentors, and it is that pursuit of relationships and learning that aid him in his greatest passion of all: Helping others.

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Co-directing "War Paint"

Co-directing "War Paint"

"Princess Cut" World Premiere

"Princess Cut" World Premiere

Pulling Focus on "The Painting"

Pulling Focus on "The Painting"


Nato’s short film “Wanted” received ten awards and garnered twelve other nominations on the festival circuit. Four wins were for Best Short Film, one was for Best Screenplay, and another for Best Director. The film also received an official selection from the prestigious Carmel International Film Festival, and screened alongside films like Spotlight (Academy Award-winner for Best Picture, 2016) and Truth (starring Cate Blanchett and Robert Redford).

More importantly to Nato, his work has been acclaimed by a myriad of highly accomplished fellow filmmakers and creatives, including Alex and Stephen Kendrick (War Room, Courageous), Chad Burns (Beyond the Mask), Emmy Award-winner Brett Varvel (The War Within), Brian Ivie (The Drop Box, Shawn), Dave Arnold (Adventures In Odyssey), and many more.

“I can count on one hand the number of independent short films I have been impressed with, and Nato’s is one of them.”

~ Seth Daly, Film Director

“When it comes to storytelling, Nato has a good eye for editing and the right pace for the story.”

~ John-Clay Burnett, Editor (Polycarp, Wanted)

“Keep an eye on Nathan Jacobson.  He’s an up and coming filmmaker with a unique style and approach to story telling through film.  In ‘Wanted,’ Nathan knows how to draw you into his story with a sense of curiosity and mystery, as he leads you on a journey of discovery.  I wouldn’t be surprised if Nato becomes a very much wanted writer and director in a short time.”

~ John Fornof, Writer/Director (Adventures In Odyssey, Lamplighter Theatre)

“Nathan Jacobson is enthusiastic, focused, and humble. I like that in a director.”

~ Andrew Bolzman, 1st Assistant Director (Badge of Faith, Wanted)

“Nathan Jacobson has thoroughly impressed me as a writer, director, and actor. He is full of creativity and vision. I’ll be watching his career closely, because he is going to do great things.”

~ Daniel Stibral, Art Director (Beyond the Mask, Polycarp) 

“Nato directs with rooted vision and refreshing clarity. He invites and respects input from trusted colleagues and mentors, fostering a collaboration driven toward both technical and artistic excellence in the communication of cinematic stories.”

~ Rebekah Cook, Script Supervisor (Love Covers All, Princess Cut, Wanted)


The Roundtable is the banner under which Nato creates. It is his favorite symbol of what he believes to be the most important facet of any endeavor: The Team. Bringing together the talents of Alex Lerma, Seth Rice, and dozens of other incredible collaborators, The Roundtable’s first project was a short film called “Wanted”, an idea birthed in late 2013, and starring Rusty Martin (Courageous), Eliya Hurt (Polycarp), Andrew Cheney (Beyond the Mask), and Stacey Bradshaw (Touched By Grace). After “Wanted” was produced in 2014, then released in 2015, the team did a commercial spot titled “Train” and an artistic piece called “Face to Face”. In 2016, it was time to take the next big step, so in order to work on his writing skills, Nato spent hundreds of hours developing screenplays over the course of that year. Finally, in 2017, Nato and Seth Rice teamed up with Seth Haley, Bryan Fellows, and more phenomenal talent to create The Roundtable’s next short film, “Last Call”, starring Garry Nation and Deborah Bates, due to release in 2018.


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If you believe Nato’s experience would provide helpful input for your endeavors, then don’t hesitate to reach out and set up a call with him.

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